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What I Can Do For You

Tax Services

I have over 20 years experience in New Zealand and Fiji helping clients with their taxes. My approach is commercial and practical, focussing on getting the deal done, handling the tax implications of changing circumstances (such as migration, business cessation, sale, expansion, growth, succession, start-ups, partnerships, dissolutions, Inland Revenue audits etc), reducing tax risks and saving time and money spent complying with tax.

My tax services include risk reviews and audits, improving systems and processes to lessen the cash and compliance burden of tax, obtaining refunds of overpaid tax, transaction assistance, advising on business ownership strategies to optimally manage commercial, tax and other risks, helping with tax authority investigations and advising on the tax implications of business expansion.

GST / VAT Specialist Consulting

I have considerable expertise in value added taxes, such as New Zealand’s GST. I work with private and government organisations internationally on VAT policy, compliance, VAT operations, organisational design, legislative drafting and training of tax personnel.

My services include VAT / GST technical assistance, legal interpretation, peer reviews and second opinions, advice on the treatment of specific transactions, drafting of policy and legislation, making submissions to tax authorities and tribunals, dispute representation and mediation, expert witness services, writing of technical guidance, delivering and writing VAT/GST technical training, process design for VAT/GST compliance systems, reviews of systems and processes and VAT/GST economic impact analysis.

Family and Private Business Adviser

For more than 25 years I have worked with some of New Zealand’s leading private and family owned businesses, start ups and high growth businesses.

I help with business and family governance, ownership structuring, succession and intergenerational wealth transfer, growth strategies and risk management, as an independent advisor and director.

My services include needs analysis, external advisor co-ordination, family office design and operation, strategic planning assistance, drafting family charters, designing family governance architecture, advising on business ownership structures, joint venture and partnership structuring, and risk reviews.

About me

My name is Iain Blakeley.

I’m a lawyer and am enrolled as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Courts of New Zealand and Fiji.

I have more than 25 years experience in New Zealand as a civil/commercial litigator, government lawyer, tax and business advisor.

For five years I headed up the Fiji Inland Revenue Department legal section providing advice to the Fiji Government on tax policy, drafting tax and investment legislation and conducting tax cases for the Commissioner of Inland Revenue.

For more than 18 years I worked at EY, a global “Big 4” professional services firm, 13 of them as a Partner. In that time I provided tax specialist services to global and local clients, headed up the New Zealand Indirect Tax (GST and Customs) practice, specialised in real estate taxation, led the Auckland mid-market practice focussed on advising privately owned fast growing businesses, helped entrepreneurial businesses with growth strategies and helped high net worth families plan for intergenerational wealth and business succession.

I work across a wide range of industries and have also developed over the years a deep understanding of tax and other business issues affecting the retirement village, aged care, tourism, non-profit, real estate and Maori sectors.

My approach is practical and down to earth, uncluttered by jargon and unnecessary paperwork. I like to get to the heart of the issue and focus on problem solving

I live in Auckland with my wife Andrea (30+ years!). We have three amazing children, now young adults, who are wonderful individuals making a positive contribution to their communities.

In my spare time I play bagpipes, cycle, play squash and get out on the water as often as I can. For more than 10 years I’ve been an executive board member of the Royal New Zealand Pipe Bands Association. I also have non-exec roles with other piping related organisations and not-for-profit entities.

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