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VAT and online sales

This is a very good item on the wider business implications of proposed changes in Europe to the VAT treatment of online digital media sales. http://performance.ey.com/2014/02/20/vat-change-online-sales-just-tax-concern/ Cheers Iain

Who’s making submissions?

I'm interested in hearing from anyone who is considering making a submission in response to the latest discussion document from Inland Revenue on GST. They are looking for feedback on the suggestion of loosening the rules for overseas businesses wanting to recover GST...

Penny and Hooper decision carries GST lessons.

The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that orthopaedic surgeons Ian Penny and Gary Hooper avoided tax when they diverted income from their practices to lower tax rate entities such as companies and trusts. A significant issue was the below market salaries they paid...

Capital gains tax

I know it's wishful thinking to expect real analysis in political debates but, honestly, whether it's time to introduce a capital gains tax in New Zealand is an issue which deserves more than the usual ping pong game of political rhetoric. The refrain of the most...

Warning for small operators

A recent Australian court case serves as a warning for very small businesses. The NZ rules are similar. The taxpayer bought a former fauna park intending to convert it to educational and accommodation use. However the taxpayer didn't get around to kick starting their...

‘Look everyone…… no hands!’

Ever heard anyone yell that out moments before their bike hits a bump in the road, gets a serious case of speed wobbles and finally careers into a solid object? A recent case from the Taxation Review Authority reminded me how a seemingly innocent transaction can end...

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